Who is Ntji and what is in her closet ?

So if you have made it this far, you are probably wondering what the fuss is all about , who or what is Ntji’s Closet and why should I even pay attention to them ?

In answering the question asked on the title of this blog, my closet is where I keep my most valuable things. This is where I keep my insecurities, my ideas and my thoughts. Do not be mistaken though, this isn’t only a place were we are going to pour our hearts out. We are also going to share experiences of events, food, music, self-care tips and most importantly drink some wine, soak up on all the posts and have a bit of on a escape from the world.

How it began

Ntji’s Closet is a movement that is inspired by myself and the women around me. I have just entered my 30’s and just realized that my life is actually quite a mess. It has been a mess for a while but it is only now that I get to soak it all up and look at the mess that I have allowed myself to be in. I say I allowed myself to be in this position because for years I have pushed myself and my well-being to the side in an effort to keep up with everything else. Everything being a career woman, a young girl living her best life, a romantic partner , and a great mom. 

Turning Point

Life got busy, one minute I was doing me and only me, the only thing I had to worry about was booking my next paying gig and using up the money on things that I love, at the time those things where food, hangouts with friends and little bit of traveling to near by places. 

I then got in to a serious relationship and next thing I knew I was a mother! Now you can imagine how busy life got. I went from doing just me and basically being selfish with my resources, time and energy to breaking myself in to little pieces so that I can fulfill all my new roles. I did not give myself time to rest and this went on for years! 

I finally starting burning out and my body could not take it any longer. This made me realize that self care is not a side hustle and should be part of your daily life, you should be deliberate and and intentional with yourself care. You can’t be great when you are not whole. 

I want this blog to inspire more and more women to be deliberate about their self-care. When it comes to yourself there should be no negotiations! 

I hope you stick around to read up coming posts. Let’s have a fat chat ladies, if this has happened to you, when did you realize that you have completely neglected yourself ?

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  1. Beaton says:

    Hi Ntji
    A pleasure to make your acquaintance, welcome to the blogosphere and looking forward to the journey through your closet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reaching out ! I look forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone !


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