The thing about feminism and Africans

In this blog post, I would like to touch on feminism and its space within the modern African community. This may be a tired topic but please do hear me out, I may have points that may interest you. The thing about feminism and Africans is that it may be a misunderstood concept, both by women and men.

Feminism in African communities

There has been a rise of women coming out as feminists, this means these women advocate for equal rights for women in the workplace, politics, and social spaces. Africa as a whole continent is moving at a much slower pace with catching up to this. Some communities in so-called developed countries, AKA a nicer way to say westernized countries, also have not conformed to feminism. Don’t get me wrong, many women have jobs and run small businesses in such places however they are still seen as second from the man. Feminism is more than being allowed to have a job and contribute financially to a household.

Many people who do not believe in feminism have deemed it dangerous and that it will destroy the African family structure where the man is the head and the woman is the neck. Feminism is often seen as white woman practice and that no African woman can ever benefit from it, those who dare practice it will never find husbands and will have a lonely life where a job will be the only thing that will provide a sense of belonging.

How men benefit from feminism

I have always found it interesting that most men and a handful of women find the idea of feminism offensive. They reject the idea of women being leaders and being fully responsible for their lives. They go as far as matter-of-factly saying that women who are feminist indeed hate men, so when a woman who claims to be a feminist is in a romantic relationship with a man they go; ha! I thought you don’t need a man!  , which is not true, fighting for the better treatment and inclusion of women has got nothing to do with them disliking men or better yet being attracted to men.

Men benefit from feminism without even realizing, women can have jobs, and the better their salaries are the more they can contribute financially to the household. Feminism made it possible for women to practice something as simple as driving a car and getting a formal education.

Men can live in multiple income households, they can date ambitious and educated women whom they can build empires with. They can also enjoy simple things such as intellectual conversations about everything under the sun because women are exposed to the same things that men are exposed to.

Social Media feuds

If you are like me, whenever a huge event like award shows, breaking news, latest album, and film releases take place I hop on social media to read up on other people’s opinions.

This is where found that feminism is often used as a weapon to close social media arguments, especially if the topic forces you to choose a side that is either of a man or woman. The best example of this is the current hot topic of Jada Smith and August Alsina. Most men would close the arguments with, yeah yeah Feminism got you guys messed up in the head.

Women who disagree with men, especially in the topic relationships, are immediately categorized as unruly feminists.

Before I go off rambling

I do not identify as a feminist however there are many values I do take from feminism, I do not reject the ideologies of feminism at all. I am fully aware that I can do most things I can do because years ago, women stood up and said, we are undervalued and we are going to make sure that changes.

This is quite a big topic, I want to explore it more, I will be doing some research so that we can have a nuanced conversation on this

See you in the next post!

2 thoughts on “The thing about feminism and Africans

  1. Intriguing post!

    I am a feminist.

    I believe that people of all sexes should be treated fairly.

    Feminism, like being black, has been misappropriated, often times by racists and misogynists, to invalidate the struggle of those afflicted.

    Think of that stereotypical ignorant statement:

    “Angry black woman”, often uttered by white men to ‘shut down’ black women.

    Feminism has suffered the same fate.

    I totally agree with you, men benefit from feminism. It’s not that we don’t know it. We do. Some of us would rather be silence as we reap its benefits but denounce it when it keeps us in check.


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