5 Inspiring African YouTubers

Happy 2021 people! A full month has passed and now I official believe that the horror film that was 2020 is over! I don’t know about you but at some point last year, I decided to call it quits. I was too exhausted to keep trying. I decided to rest for the remainder of the year, even if it meant I had to lose money in the process. I had reached a point where my mental health was a top priority, the only energy I had left was to try my best to keep myself from going insane!

resting helped a great deal, I have never felt this well-rested in a very long time. My mind is clear, I solve problems better and have a clear vision of what I want out of 2021. I have that special New Year, New Me feeling, hehe.

I have been watching a lot of content on YouTube to get some inspiration and I have found quite interesting the female content creators. These are the YouTubers I watch when I need some inspiration or even a laugh. I thought I should share them with you and maybe you will get inspired too!

NB: Please note that the list is in no particular order 🙂

1. Joanna Kinuthia

Now I found this very beautiful and charismatic lady when I was looking at starting my own online business. Joanna is a Kenyan make-up line owner and Youtbuter. She talks about the struggles and wins of starting a business from the ground up. She also does lifestyle vlogs, where she would be traveling on the continent or just hanging with friends! Also, I just get over her thick Kenyan accent! I could listen to her talk all day!

2. Kopano Shimange

Formerly known as Kopano The Blog, Kopano is actually one of the very first African Youtubers I used to watch years back. She is also an amazing entrepreneur and a married mother of one. Her YouTube content is a How-To type of content. From how to braid yourself to how to handle certain life experiences such as dating. Her videos are educational fun to watch!

3. Financial Bunny

Financial Bunny channel is run by Nicolette Mashile, the self-proclaimed Not A Licensed Financial Advisor. Nicolette talks about everything finances, from purchasing a house to tips on saving money, this lady will help you stretch your cents. She debunks complex finance elements in to easy to digest information. She has a great personality to go with it so it is extremely easy to pay attention to her without feeling like you are in a lecture hall.

4. Mpoomy Ledwaba

Mpoomy Ledwaba is an entrepreneur who also sings very well. She is a mother of two who is married to musician Brenden Praise. On her channel, you can expect a lot of family and marriage content. Mpoomy and her husband talk very openly about their love journey and their parenting experience.

5. B.A Pusha

B.A Pusha is one of the best go-to people if you want tips and advice on how to make money online. This lady right here probably saved a lot of people from going completely broke. She talks about making online side hustles and online entrepreneurship. I have made a few bucks online easily about watching her content.

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